Skater Sanrio Gudetama Bamboo Chopsticks, Orange C (8.25″) – Anti-Slip Grip for Ease of Use – Authentic Japanese Design – Lightweight, Durable and Convenient

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Share a Meal with Gudetama the Lazy Egg!

When enjoying Japanese cuisine, chopsticks are a must-have. They allow you to pick up food with
precision, yet won’t puncture what you’re eating like a fork does. But those unaccustomed to Asian
utensils often find chopsticks cumbersome to use.

With a set of Skater Sanrio Gudetama Chopsticks, you’ll effortlessly master these handy utensils!
It’s all thanks to our anti-slip design, which gives you a secure grip on the chopsticks. From sushi
to noodle bowls, they help you handle a wide range of Japanese dishes. Measuring 21cm (8.25in)
in length, the standard size is comfortable and convenient for users of all experience levels.

For a truly authentic experience, our design features Gudetama the Lazy Egg! Known for his lack
of motivation, he’s the perfect companion when you want to relax and enjoy your meal. Licensed
and approved by Sanrio, you can rest assured knowing this is a genuine product imported from
Japan. With bold lines, vibrant colors and cute poses, our designs preserve his famous apathy.

When it comes to quality chopsticks, look no further than bamboo! As a renewable resource, it’s
strong, durable and easy on the environment. Best of all, it’s lightweight, allowing you to take your
chopsticks to school or work for on-the-go eating.

Why Choose Our Gudetama Chopsticks?

– Anti-slip and easy-to-use design
– 4 different Gudetama patterns
– Lightweight for convenient carry
– Authentic Japanese design
– Made with durable bamboo

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Easy-to-Use Design: Whether you are a chopstick novice or you have used them for years, our anti-slip design provides complete control over the utensils. Measuring 21cm (8.25in), they are a standard length and are comfortable to use for both men and women.
Gudetama the Lazy Egg: Tired, indifferent and overwhelmed by life, Gudetama is the voice of a generation. Available in 4 fun designs, our Japanese chopsticks let you chow down with your favorite egg. Buy them all or trade with friends to get the full collection.
Authentic Japanese Design: Licensed and approved by Sanrio, our beautiful chopstick sets are imported all the way from Japan. We love the characters as much as you do, so we make sure to preserve their bright colors and whimsical personalities in each design.
Lightweight and Durable: When creating our cool chopsticks, using bamboo was a no-brainer. Not only is it a highly renewable resource, but bamboo is also lightweight and super-durable. That makes it incredibly convenient to bring to work, school or picnics.
Trusted Brand: Hunting for the latest Gudetama merch? Skater is your one-stop shop for the lazy egg-lover in your life. We offer a wide range of genuine Japanese products, making these fun designs accessible around the globe. Mealtime has never been so cute.

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