Quik Stix Skill Game, Fun Family Games for Kids and Adults, 7+ Year Olds, 2-8 Players, Party Board Games for Adults & Kids, Perfect for Indoor & Outdoor Game Night, Funny Games For Children & Families Price:  $12.98 (as of 29/06/2024 18:16 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

Finders Keepers – Jump into action with Quik Stix! Use your chopsticks to snag items from the bowl in a high-energy 1vs1 showdown. Flip the object card and race against time. With only 30 seconds to grab your prize, Quik Stix brings excitement to family games for kids and adults, making it an ideal choice for lively gatherings and competitive fun.
Sabotage your Opponent – Strategy meets chaos as players snatch, hurl, and drag items to outsmart rivals. Will you play fair or go for the win? This dynamic twist makes Quik Stix a standout among board games for adults and kids alike. The unpredictable nature of each game keeps everyone on their toes, ensuring a thrilling and engaging experience every time.
First to Five – Speed and precision are key! The first player to collect five objects wins. Quik Stix is ideal for family board games for kids and adults, ensuring thrilling game nights with friends and family. This fast-paced game encourages quick thinking and dexterity, making it a favorite for those who love action-packed, competitive play.

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