Naruto Akatsuki Red Rain Cloud Symbol Hanging Car Air Freshener | Features A Double-Sided Print of The Menacing Red Cloud Symbol | Vanilla Scented Price: $7.99 (as of 29/03/2022 20:09 PST- Details)

ENJOY THE SWEET SMELL OF YOUR FAVORITE SERIES: It’s time to experience Naruto in a completely new way via this red rain cloud air freshener. Representing the Akatsuki, this rain cloud is ready to freshen up any needed areas!
SWEET VANILLA SCENT: We like to imagine that this air freshener is exactly how Amegakure smelt before, all the wars of course. Used as a symbol by the Akatsuki, this red rain cloud now serves as a token of comfort to bring a sweet vanilla smell to your car and rooms!
EQUIPPED WITH AN ELASTIC STRING: The vanilla scented card is also equipped with a stretchable string. This allows you to wrap the rain cloud around your car mirror, locker hooks, or any other convenient location!

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