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AFTER TOKAIDO, A NEW JOURNEY AWAITS YOU: In Namiji, you are fishers from the Japan of yesteryear, navigating south of the Japanese archipelago, a few kilometers from the famous Tokaido road. You will need to have a fruitful day at sea to win the game.
STRATEGY BOARD GAME: Players will move around the game board choosing spaces that allow them to take actions like fishing, catching crustaceans, and viewing the vistas of the sea. You can benefit from stops to improve your fishing equipment, contend with the gods of the sea by setting offerings afloat, or fulfill their wishes with Sacred Rocks for rewards.
VARIABLE GAME MECHANICS: Catching fish creates a set collection puzzle where players score their fishing basket if whole rows or columns share fish of the same color or shape. Crustaceans are drawn from a bag, adding a push-your-luck element. Complete sets of panoramas and use sacred rocks for secret objectives to earn extra points.

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