Heavenly Gifts Gogeta Anime Dynamic Waterproof Car Decal 5″ x 5.11″, Illusion Flip Image Japanese Manga Motion Sticker for Car Computer Laptop Skateboard iPad Wall Decor Cool Stickers Anime Gifts for Kids (4 in 1 Stickers)

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Size: 6.1*5.11″
Personalized and funny car stickers, which not only decorate your car, but also reflect a positive and optimistic attitude towards life,Dynamic changeable magic car stickers, which will show different patterns when viewed from different angles
1. The top layer is a transformable pattern. 2. The middle layer is the back card paper of the sticker (it is sandwiched between the wax backing and the pattern, please be careful not to tear the back card paper when tearing off the tape) 3. The bottom layer is a wax backing. (Protect the adhesive until the decal is ready to be applied)

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