FreeNFond Cat Paw Pad Socks Thigh High Socks Pink Cute 3D Kitten Claw Stockings for Women Girls Cosplay Price: $11.99 (as of 02/02/2024 01:24 PST- Details)

【Quality Kitty Socks】Quality, moderately thick fabric socks with a lot of stretch. Should be able to accommodate most people (Even for a little girl) with a body size of average to overweight at full height on the socks/stockings. The paws are made of silicone. Easy to wear and wash.
【Novelty Cat Socks】The packaging is adorable, coming with a really cute bag to stick the socks in for storage, the paw prints are towards your toes but comfortable and the socks are actually thigh high!
【Cute Paw Beans】Cat Paw pads are well attached and made of soft rubber. Relatively comfortable to walk on even on hard floors, but prefer the feel on carpet where there is less sole fatigue. The 3D paw print feels like it’s on really sturdy!

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