Adult Onesie Skeleton Animal Pajamas Comfortable Costume with Zipper and Pockets

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Onesie Up!

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Onesie Up!

Did you procrastinate on Halloween again and miss out on your favorite costume? Is it too late to get that 50 piece costume ready for the party? Well here’s a costume that will solve all your problems. Let this one piece costume transform you into your spirit animal! Do you identify as a panda? Well, there’s a onesie for that. Want to be a rainbow oozing unicorn? There’s a onesie for that. Aspiring to be a rapping hamster that sells cars? There’s a onesie for that. Grab the cutest onesie around and be the envy of all your friends.

I know what you’re thinking: “These onesies are only good for Halloween, Right?” Wrong! Our onesies are great for virtually any activity. Chilling on a cold night? Onesie up! Dancing at SnowGlobe? Onesie up! Cabin trip with the crew? Everybody Onesie up!

TL;DR Onesies make everything better. Buy a onesie.
CUTE: Our cute and sensational animal onesies feature a detailed hood with eyes, ears, nose, and teeth for maximum adorability! The onesies are complemented with a matching tail for a complete animal look. Be the cutest out of your friends with our animal onesies/kigurumis.
COZY: Our animal onesies/kigurumis are made with a super plush material. Prepare to be embraced in softness while looking delightful. Wear them as pajamas and sleep like a cub. The ridiculous soft touch material is sure to keep you nice and cozy during the cold winter months. Give your friends wonderfully warm hugs with our plush animal onesie kigurumis!
CONVENIENCE: The loose fit offers both breathability and flexibility to ensure comfort and ease of movement. The added zipper makes it extremely easy put on and remove your costume. The pocket design provides marvelous convenience; never worry about where to put your stuff! Our onesies combine form and function for ultimate fun!
CARE: Care for your amazing adult onesie kigurumi by hand washing and laying flat to dry. Use the low setting if any ironing is necessary.
SIZING: We offer animal onesies in sizes Small through X-large perfect for women and men. They are designed footless to provide a wider range of fit for adults. Approximate fits are: (Small) 57-64 inches (Medium) 61-69 inches (Large) 65-72 inches (X-Large) 69-76 inches.

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