19 x19 Folding Go Game Set Board with and Bamboo Bowls and Imitation Jade Go Pieces – Classic Strategy Board Game (Weiqi) Beginner Booklet The Essential Rules of Go Price:  $29.99 (as of 03/06/2024 13:16 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

Chess board – easy to fold in half, convenient for compact storage, easy to carry, can play chess with family and friends when traveling or camping, without worrying about the complex Go game set, the standard game size is 19×19, 22X24mm grid. The board size is 18.71 x 17.33 x 0.98 inches (47.5 x 44 x 2.5 cm). The folding size is 17.33 x 9.45 x 1.97 inches (44 x 24 x 5 cm).
Go pieces are made of imitation jade. The white chess pieces are smooth imitation white jade. The black chess pieces are smooth, round and tactile. The chess pieces are stronger and not easily damaged. The size of chess pieces is 2.2×2.2 cm (0.86 x 0.86 inches), 180 white chess pieces, 181 black chess pieces, 10 white chess pieces and 10 black chess pieces
Packaging – professionally designed printed packaging that can be used as an educational tool for children in the classic Go game or as a gift for children’s elders.

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